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IQF Vegetable Mix

Name: Frozen Vegetable Mix (3 way)
Place Origin: Shandong Province, China

Production Description:
Diced Carrot    33%

Sweet corns   33%

Green Beans   33%
Packaging type: 250g/1LB/10kg/500kg by food grade PE/PP bags...

Main Features:
1. With more than 20 years marketing experiences in North America (US & Canada), we have sold our frozen vegetable mix to the regional main supermarkets, like COSTCO, Walmart, General Mills, Safeway etc. Along with the Food Service customers and industrial customers locally in US.
2. Supply ability and production capacity can meet any customer’s potential requirements on vegetable mix. We have more than 3000 hectares our own farmlands for vegetable mix and our six processing factories can deal with vegetable mix more than 10,000 metric tons annually.
3. Our frozen 3 way mix frozen vegetable with its plants fit the NOP/GMP standards. With the certificates JAS, FDA, BRC, EU etc. Please refer to our certificates.

Weclome to contact us for more information on our frozen vegetable mix.  Tel: +86 (0) 538 6613822  & [email protected]

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