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Garlic Granules/Flakes/Powder

Name:Dehydrated Organic/Conventional Garlic Flakes/Chopped/Minced/Granules/Powder 

Origin: Shandong, China

Production Description

Garlic Flakes            Thickness with 2-3mm

Garlic Chopped        5-10 mesh

Garlic Minced           8-16 mesh

Garlic Granules         40-80 mesh

Garlic Powder          100 mesh


Packaging type: 20KG/25KG/12.5KG*2/Carton or as per customer requirement


Harvest:  Late May

Main Features:

1. Organic/Conventional garlic that has been washed, dried, and milled to rigid specifications. Color is creamy white to light golden beige.

2. Aroma is spicy and pungent;

3. Product is manufactured in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practice and conforms to the requirements of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, as amended, and to any other federal, state or local laws and ordinances. Product processing, preparation, packaging, handling and storage also conform to the above regulations and requirements.

4. Storage and Packing: Store under cool. dry conditions in sealed poly lined corrugated cardboard containers.

5. Shelf Life: Industry standard for product is 24 months. Recommendation is to rotate product within 12 months.


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