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Taian Taishan Asia Food Co.,Ltd has a memorial history about its own development......

1. 1994, Taian Taishan Asia Food Co.,Ltd was founded.

2. No.2 Processing factory was founded.

3. April 1997, certified by the OFDC in China.
4. April 1998, certified by OCIA (International Organic Crop Improvement Association of USA) in China
5. Dec. 1998,  Obtained ISO9000 International Quality Standard System Certification
6. Nov. 1999, Obtained Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System Certification
7. Aug. 2000, Certified by JONA (Japanese Organic and Natural Food Association) and JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) in China
8. 2002, Certified by U.S. National Organic Program (NOP)
9. 2003, Certified by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
10. Aug. 2003, Certified by Kosher Supervision of America (KSA), Obtained Kosher Certificate
11. 2005, Certified by BRC Global Standard-Food (BRC)
12. 2005, certified by the European Union Agriculture Organic Standard EU2092/91 in China America Standard” under the request of the clients
13. 2006, Aquired American Kraft international company’s “supplier/OEM”authorization
14. 2006, Approved the “Supplier’s Code of Conduct” concerning social responsibility
15. 2007, Passed the examination of FQSI of food perfect quality and serving international company entrusted by the customer
16. 2008  Obtained NOP, EU, JAS, GB organic certification which are certified by French ECOCERT
17. 2009, Obtained the Good Agriculture Practice (Global GAP) certificate which was certified by ECOCERT
18. 2010, Jiuzhou Fengyuan Organic Food Co.,Ltd was founded. It is responsible for developing and marketing for domestic market.
19. 2011, Passed Non-GMO certification of Food Chain.

20. 2013, Organic vegetables were exported to Taiwan markets.

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